• Dr. Michael Tracy, D.O.

    Meet Dr. Michael Tracy, D.O. His personalized approach is dedicated to identifying the source of pain and providing a treatment plan specific to each individual patient. Dr. Tracy has Level II Full Accreditation from the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation.

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  • Dr. Daniel Feldman, MD

    Dr. Daniel Feldman is double board certified in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine. He brings the experience and expertise necessary to allow us to expand the comprehensive services we’re able to offer our patients.

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  • Workers Compensation

    Dr. Michael Tracy, D.O. is a Level II Accredited physician with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Division of Workers’ Compensation

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  • Electrodiagnostic Testing

    Electrodiagnostic studies can be helpful in evaluating weakness, numbness and pain. The two main components of an electrodiagnostic study include the needle electromyographic examination (EMG) and nerve conduction studies (NCS).

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  • Lumbar Injections

    When one of the lumbar nerve roots becomes compressed and irritated, it can produce back pain and/or numbness, tingling and sometimes weakness down a leg.

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  • Integrated Sports and Spine Mission

    Treating patients with comprehensive and expert care are core principles at Integrated Sports & Spine.

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Modifying pain. Maximizing Function.

Services Offered

  • Lumbar Injections

    Nerve roots are attached to the spinal cord. When one of the lumbar...

  • Electrodiagnostic Testing (EMG/NCS)

    During an EMG, the physician studies the electrical...

  • Workers Compensation

    Dr. Michael Tracy, D.O. is a Level II Accredited physician with the Colorado Department of...

  • Trigger Point Injections

    A trigger point is a sensitive or irritable spot that can be a source of soft tissue pain. Trigger points are commonly...

  • Hip injection

    The hip joint is a large joint where the leg joins the pelvis. If this joint experiences arthritis, injury or...

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Dr. Michael Tracy, D.O.,

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At Integrated Sports and Spine our Goal is to help foster optimal health for you and improve your quality of life.  We take a personalized approach to identify your pain and provide treatment options that will help you feel your best.  The services provided are created to help you get back to a normal life by working on a treatment plan for you that is comprehensive and straightforward.  We welcome any questions that you have and our team will work with you to address your needs and streamline the treatment plan.  The staff at Integrated Sports and Spine treat our patients with expert care and each patient receives a comprehensive initial evaluation.  We treat patient problems using the innovative technologies and proven techniques.

We work as a multidisciplinary team to help in the achievement of specific goals.  We are a group of experts with complimentary qualifications, experience and skills that work together for each of our clients.  By combining and coordinating the best skills of our team with the most effective treatment options, each patient receives an effective, customized and comprehensive treatment plan.

Our treatment options and diagnostic tests cover a wide range of areas offering our clients the highest degree of medical care.  We also accept medicare, most insurances and workers’ compensation plans.  If you have any questions, we invite you to call us so we can better serve you and schedule an appointment to assist with your care.

Our Services at Integrated Sports and Spine include, but are not limited to, the Following:



Daniel Feldman MD

Daniel Feldman MD is Double Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Management.

Dr. Feldman graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with Honors in Economics and Chemistry. He completed his medical degree at the Medical College of Georgia. Afterwards, Dr. Feldman completed a Surgical Internship at the University of Wisconsin before finishing his Anesthesia training and Interventional Pain Fellowship at the Medical College of Georgia.

Doctor Feldman has worked as an Anesthesiologist in Eugene, Oregon and an Interventional Pain Physician in Atlanta, Georgia and Broomfield, Colorado prior to joining Integrated Sports & Spine.

Daniel Feldman MD specializes in Interventional Pain procedures of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines. He has additional interests in complex regional pain syndrome, failed neck and back syndromes, degenerative joint disease, neuromodulation, and cancer pain. He offers comprehensive management for his patients in regards to interventional, pharmacological, and therapeutic treatments.

Dr. Feldman currently resides in Colorado with his family. He enjoys cooking, skiing, hiking, camping & playing in the Rockies.

Daniel Feldman MD is currently accepting new patients.